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Alaska Pipeline Family of Curves Level Curves Polar Taylor Polynomials
Catenary - Hanging Chain Fixed-Point Iteration - Orbits Linear Programming Predator-Prey Model
Conic Sections Heart to Bell Polar Curves Linear Systems of Diff Eqs Shooting Basketballs
Differential Equations Hidden Functions Mean Value Theorem Working With Matrices
Drawing Polar Roses Hypocycloids Modeling Nautilus Shell Spiral  
Dynamic Tangent Implicit Functions Newton's Method  
Exploring Limits Integration (Accumulation) Olympics Long Jump Data  
  Integration by Approximation  

Video Image Sequences & Modeling

Small Digital pictures

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Modeling the filling a vase with water The Spread of a Stain model The Free Falling Ball model Falling Filters model The Undamped Spring model The Damped Spring model The Cycloid model

Digital Images & Calculus

Small Digital pictures


Small Game pictures


Labs 1-5 Labs 6-10 Labs 10-15
1 Polynomials 6 The tangent 11 Approximate Integration
2 Power Functions 7 The Mean Value Theorem 12 Parametric Equations
3 The Complete Graph 8 Curve Sketching 13 Polar Graphs
4 Limit of a Function 9 The Exponential Function 14 Sequences
5 Continuity 10 The Logarithmic Function 15 Taylor Polynomials


Sample Animations

Bessel Equation Model of a Hanging Chain

Heart to Bell
Bessel Model 50pc Heart To Bell 50pc

Dynamic Tangents
Ex 1 40% Ex 2 40% Ex 3 40% Ex 4 40%
Ex 5 40% Ex 6 40% Ex 7 40% >Ex 8 40%

Integration by Accumulation
ex1 stopped 40% ex2 stopped 40% ex3 stopped 40% ex4 stopped 40%
ex5 stopped 40%

Integration by Approximation
Ex1 Left End pt 40pc Ex2 Right End pt 40pc Ex3 Right End pt 40pc Ex 4 Left End Pt 40pc
Ex5 Trapeziod 40 pc Ex 6 Left End pt 40pc Ex8 Trapezoid Rule 40pc Ex8 Simpson's Rule 40pc

Newton's Method
Cycling 40pc Slow convergence 40pc Divergence of y3 40pc Divergence of y4 40pc

Polar Taylor Polynomials
Circle 40pc


Rose 40pc

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