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David Kagan

Research Interests
My main academic interests are quantum mechanics, quantum gravity, and string theory. I'm drawn to these topics since I am fascinated by the physical world and want to understand it as best I can. Our best theories---Einstein's general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics---do not mesh. And yet, it seems bizarre to posit that the rules that govern the universe switch when we cross some arbitrary threshold of distance scale or energy level. String theory is one of the best developed attempts at bridging the gap between quantum theory and general relativity. In fact, the quantum nature of fundamental strings *requires* general relativity, which is a truly remarkable result. All is not solved however, there remain some great mysteries, and testing string theory has proved to be a great challenge---one that remains to be met with success.
quantum theory , gravity , string theory , quantum gravity , general relativity , integrable systems , compactification , black holes

Teaching Interests
introductory physics , advanced methods in physics , quantum mechanics , general relativity