Sample computational physics programs,

2018 AAPT-NES Spring Meeting: Integration of computation into STEM/undergraduate physics

Program Notebook version Html version Excell version Other
1. Finding equilibrium between charges graphically zeropoint.ipynb zeropoint.html zeropoint.xls
2. Motion in 1D motion-1d.ipynb motion-1d.html
3. The simple harmonic oscillator oscillator.ipynb oscillator.html
4. Projectile motion as a boundary value problem projectile.ipynb projectile.html
5. Visual quantum eigenstates visual_eigenstates.ipynb visual_eigenstates.html visual_eigenstates.xls
6. Star wobble wobble.ipynb wobble.html Needed library,
7. Exoplanet discovery exoplanet.ipynb exoplanet.html Needed data, hd3651.txt

Trinkets (intro phys)

  1. Projectile motion with drag
  2. Atwood machine
  3. Equilibrium point between two charges
  4. Electric field hockey


  1. Harmonic oscillators
  2. Precession of Mercury
  3. Quantum oscillator
  4. Quantum bouncing ball
  5. Demon algorithm
  6. More movie gallery

Jay Wang,
Physics, UMass Dartmouth