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Jennifer Fugate
Full Time Lecturer, Psychology

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Department: Psychology
Office: Liberal Arts
Voice: 508-999-8397
Email: jfugate@umassd.edu

I received my Ph.D. from Emory University in Psychology (Neuroscience and Animal Behavior) in 2008 where I studied how rhesus macaques and chimpanzees perceive conspecific facial expressions and vocalizations. Shortly thereafter, I joined the Interdisciplinary Affective Sciences Laboratory of Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett at College/BostonNortheastern University as a postdoctoral fellow. There I worked on a series of projects that investigated the role of language on emotion perception. In the fall of 2012, I joined the psychology faculty at UMass-Dartmouth. My research here continues to explore the role of language on how people perceive emotion in others. In the fall of 2016, I started as an assistant professor in the department here.