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Judith Sims-Knight
Chancellor Professor, Psychology

Book Chapter
Knight R. A. , Sims-Knight J. E. , (2011).
  Risk factors for sexual violence.
  In J. W. White, M. P. Koss, & A. E. Kazden (Eds.), Violence against women and children, Volume 1: Mapping the terrain (pg. 125-172). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
Sims-Knight J. E. , Upchurch R. L. , Fortier Paul , (2007).
  Developing assessments that help students learn to develop open-ended design.
  In D. Deeds & B. Callen, Proceedings of the National STEM Assessment Conference (pg. 274-289). National Science Foundation.
Knight R. A. , Sims-Knight J. E. , (2003).
  Developmental antecedents of sexual coercion against women: Testing of alternative hypotheses. . ..
  In R.A. Prentky, E. Janus, & M. Seto (Eds.), Sexual coercion: Understanding and management (pg. 72-85). New York: New York Academy of Sciences.
Journal Articles
Knight R. A. , Sims-Knight J. E. , Guay J.-P. , (2013).
  Is a separate diagnostic category defensible for paraphilic coercion?. Journal of Criminal Justice, 41, 90-99.
Bathgate Meghan , Sims-Knight Juditih , Schunn Christian , (2012).
  Thoughts on thinking: Engaging novice music students in metacognition. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 26, 403-409.
R. A. Knight , J. E. Sims-Knight , (2004).
  Testing an etiological model for male juvenile sexual offending against females. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 13, 33-55.
Online Documents
Raymond A. Knight , Judith E. Sims-Knight , (2009).
  Using rapist risk factors to set an agenda for rape prevention.
  Retrieved 09 01,2009, from www.vawnet.org.

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