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Shawna Sweeney
Assistant Professor, Public Policy

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Department: Public Policy
Office: Chase Road Center (128 Chase Road, Dartmouth)
Voice: 508-999-8254
Fax: 508-999-8374
Email: ssweeney@umassd.edu

Dr. Shawna E. Sweeney is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Policy. Academically, she has a Bachelor's degree in political science from UMass Dartmouth (magna cum laude), and a Master's degree and a Ph.D. in international relations/comparative politics from Binghamton University (part of the SUNY System). Shawna also has a certificate in environmental studies from Nottingham Polytechnic University, United Kingdom

Shawna currently serves as the Official Liaison from our campus to the "Women in Public Service" U.S. State Department Initiative, which aims at building global partnerships among women interested in public policy, public service, and social change. Shawna is also a faculty affiliate for the UMass Dartmouth Center for Women, Gender, and Sexuality & an inaugural affiliate of the University of Connecticut Human Rights Institute's Economic and Social Rights Working Group (ESRG) (http://humanrights.uconn.edu/research/economics/affiliates.php). She currently serves on a number of department and university committees.   

Her main areas of specialization include international human rights with a focus on women’s rights; the influence of religion on women's rights; globalization; human rights issues in developing countries; public institutions and the policy process; gender inequalities, violence against women, and the HIV/AIDs pandemic; and global environmental issues.

Shawna teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate level classes that are offered online and in person through the Master's of Public Policy Program (MPP).

Her most recent scholarship has been published in the following publications:

Human Rights Quarterly (with Dr. Lanse Minkler, University of Connecticut)
Journal of Human Rights (with Dr. Robert Ostergard, University of Nevada at Reno)
International Human Rights Law: Six Decades after the UDHR (Ashgate Publishing Ltd.) (with Dr. Robert Ostergard, University of Nevada at Reno)
Economic Rights: Conceptual, Measurement, and Policy Issues (in Minkler and Hertel, Eds.)

Shawna has also single-authored and co-authored over 30 policy reports and monographs in her role as Senior Research Associate at the UMass Dartmouth Center for Policy Analysis where she has worked since 1998.