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Instructions / Help

About Faculty/Staff Profiles [link]

An introduction to Faculty/Staff Profiles.

About Establishing an Alias [link] You will need to establish an alias to name the URL for your own faculty or staff profile.

Editing your Profile

There are two views of your profile. When you are logged in, you will see all the headers (Affiliations, etc.) as well as a menu of editing features. The second view is the public view: it shows only the headers for the sections which have been filled in.

When in the editing mode, you can edit any of the sections of your profile using the [edit] links beside the section headers. Clicking on [edit] will take you to a page that will show you your previous information and blank fields to fill in new information. When you are done editing, don’t forget to click "Proceed" at the end of the page.

Note to faculty who already have pages on the UMass site:
Once your profile has been enabled a new welcome.cfm file will be created in your root folder; any previous welcome.cfm file will be saved as welcome_backup.cfm. A new folder "profile" will be created in your folder. You can view the contents of welcome.cfm and /profile folder but you will not be able to modify or delete them. If you change the contents of welcome.cfm or the files in "profile" folder it may result in your profile being disabled.